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A Collaborative Portrait Painting Robot

bitPaintr is the fifth painting robot that I have designed in the past ten years. It paints with a brush on canvas using a combination of artificial intelligence and human direction. More specifically, it watches what it is painting and continually makes adjustments based on its own progress.  And if a human operator adds some strokes while its painting, the AI will attempt to continue the painting in the style of those strokes. 

The picture in the bottom right of this video shows a visual representation of a creative feedback loop using delta mapping and k-means clustering, some of the many AI algorithms bitPaintr uses to paint portraits.  This video below shows how a human can take over and contribute to paintings.

Recent photos of bitPaintr in its most recent stage of production can be seen in the photo below taken during an interview with The Discovery Channel. The robot is complete and the software is fully functional.  I am currently fine tuning the parameters of its AI as I experiment with the results it can get.